Gavin Tremlett – We Need To Talk About Gavin


March 14, 2015 – April 25, 2015 


We are proud to present the solo exhibition titled "We Need To Talk About Gavin" with new works by Gavin Tremlett.


„While my work is born out of the long held art historical tradition of figurative painting and indeed the figure occupies a central role in my work, figuration itself is not my primary interest. Instead my concerns are rooted within the discourse that surrounds abstraction; the unquantifiable, the unnameable, the challenge of how to paint that which is neither visible nor tangible, the void between imagined reality, and reality made manifest, the miscommunication between object and subject.“ (Artist’s Statement.)


Sexuality, identity, and border transgressions are recurring subjects in Tremlett’s artistic work, and they are also evident in "We Need To Talk About Gavin"  However, the focus in his new works has shifted towards a subtly charged object-subject relationship.   

The consciously chosen self-referentiality inherent in the title oscillates between a wink and an abyss that is also intrinsic to the work, whose tension can discharge in an explosion of dysfunctionality and insecurity, despite the beauty and sensuality which the beholder initially discerns. Tremlett here plays with different expectations, traditions, and possibilities of figurative painting. 

With this approach, he turns to a new medium and explores his artistic practice and its mechanisms of tension on a different level by allowing the figures to break free from the canvas: in this exhibition, he also presents sculptures for the first time. 


Gavin Tremlett studied Fine Arts at the Loughborough University School of Art & Design before finishing hin Master in Fine Art at London´s Royal Academy Schools in 2004. He works and lives in Berlin.