Takehito Koganezawa – Double Sisters, Divided Brothers

April 29 – Mai 20, 2023

Opening: Friday, April 28, 2023 | 12 – 8 PM

On the occasion of GALLERY WEEKEND BERLIN 2023
SAT & SUN | 29. & 30.04. | 11 – 6 PM

LOOCK Galerie is delighted to announce the solo exhibition of Takehito Koganezawa Double Sisters, Divided Brothers showcasing his latest drawings and video installations.

Drawing a line on the surface of something means faltering on its unevenness along the way. This becomes evident in the reiterative process of drawing a line on paper, moving the paper out of alignment, and then drawing another line on the gap, where the paper has been moved.

In this sense, vinyl records are peculiar things. To appreciate them, one can only listen to the linear series of sounds in sequence and from the start, but when looking at the grooves etched on the surface, visually, all the sounds are occurring at once. Speaking to this work, every moment of a drawing’s creation is documented on video and the ultimate result is a drawing being split into two sheets. One action of drawing generates one video and two sheets of paper. Is this the birth of twins? Or a singleton torn apart? Like Cubism coming from opposite directions, the act of drawing is preserved in the time of two different formats.

Double Sisters, Divided Brothers is based on the single rule of drawing on those spaces, where the sheets of paper overlap, as documented by a rotating video camera. The area being filmed is in constant motion, while the paper is slipping intentionally and randomly. The field for drawing is stratified and suddenly what was being drawn gets torn in two. Fields overlap and separate repeatedly, allowing for unexpected encounters.