Kaoru Usukubo – Crystal Moments

September 10 - October 29, 2011


In her oil paintings Usukubo creates dreamlike scenes combining everyday motifs with imaginary elements. Her remarkable technique has already brought her great publicity in Japan. Usukubo responds with her art to the world of technically enhanced images produced by movies or computer games, which attempt to create a visual impression of reality.

The artist mainly focuses on the meaning of reality in the field of painting and on elements helping to create this sensation of reality. Her paintings usually depict elements that do not seem to share any connection between them, juxtaposing different sizes and scales. The viewer tries immediately to make up a meaning between the diverse elements, however all interpretation leads to a dead end and leaves the spectator with a disquieting feeling.

The time-consuming process of painting on canvas is Usukubo's attempt to confront the fast moving, virtual image techniques and to freeze the passing of time in crystal moments.

Kaoru Usukubo studied at the Zokei University and the National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo. In 2007 she received the prize of the University of Tokyo for her Graduation Exhibition.