Hayley Quentin – Flash

March 04 – April 10, 2024


LOOCK Gallery is delighted to present the second exhibition Flash by the artist Hayley Quentin.

Hayley Quentin makes quiet, introspective works with mythic and mystic themes of in-between-ness and reflection, influenced by the dusky light of her home city of Los Angeles. Through a meticulous process both somatic and ritualistic, Quentin works in soft, diaphanous layers of watercolor and colored pencil on thick, heavyweight canvas. It is through repetition that she entwines process, concept, and subject. Lightning, archways, and ellipse-framed portraiture are among the exoteric motifs that recur throughout her work. From the familiar, emerges strangeness, reverberating like a deep echo. Quentin’s paintings act as a reflection on what underlies known experience, shimmering in and out of observation.

Hayley Quentin graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otis College of Arts and Design in Los Angeles in 2018. She is currently a candidate for the Master of Fine Arts at Otis College of Arts and Design. In 2022 she received a scholarship from the Martha Alf Foundation. The artist lives and works in Los Angeles.