Julia Schmidt – Any New Images

02. – 30. September 2023

Eröffnung: Freitag, 01. September 2023 | 18 – 21 Uhr


LOOCK Galerie is delighted to announce the upcoming solo exhibition Any New Images featuring the Berlin-based painter, Julia Schmidt.

Schmidt's artistic practice revolves around the exploration of materials around her, a sifter of the contemporary and its relentlessly circulating networks and image economies. Her paintings refract and recirculate various incidents and instances of transactions, commerce, of shifting (value) designations and degrees of transformation. Notably, Schmidt chooses to work not on traditional canvas, but on MDF. She captures and distills fragments of everyday postures, syntaxes and signs driving the quotidian and its vernacular.

In essence, the work of Julia Schmidt investigates the status and significance of the practice of painting against an inescapable backdrop of aesthetic, art-historical, and economic questions. Existing pictorial material distilled from a variety of contexts, along with her own photographs, generate the point of departure: A central aspect of her work lies in the selection, combination and painterly transformation of these motifs, and their displacement into new relations of meaning. Schmidt produces and exhibits her work in constellations or cycles, often extending her explorations through the use of installation components or particular printing techniques.